About Holeshot Manufacturing LTD.

At Holeshot Manufacturing we strive to put our customers one step ahead of the competition. With constant research and development going into new and refurbished equipment, we are able to provide a safer, more efficient and reliable product for today’s extremely competitive market.


Safety at Holeshot Manufacturing LTD. Holeshot has a full service team with a COR safety program at its centre. Creating a safe work environment for our staff is top priority. By including safety in the design of each project, it ensures our drafts people, engineers, and project managers create a product that is safe and operator friendly.


Quality at Holeshot Manufacturing LTD. The quality of our product starts by utilizing a quality control program and an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for each individual project. Holeshot, and its customers, are able to maintain control in each step of the manufacturing process. We also hold certified welding procedures that exceed API requirements, CWB certification for our structural components, and an A660 program for all of our pre-engineered buildings.


Holeshot MFG With over 60 years of combined experience, we are confident that our team will create products that will put your company safely ahead of the rest.


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